Live In-Person Class

2 Options:

- 2 Weeks Tuesday thru Thursday 9 AM - 1PM

- 8 Weeks Saturdays

9 AM - Noon


The live classroom course will give you a chance to learn right beside others looking to create a career in real estate.



You will be brought through real-world real estate career examples. If you have trouble staying focused or struggle with exams or tests, this might be one of the best options for you.


We make the class fun, exciting and informative all within a group setting. This classroom course has limited seating and fills up fast, so sign up today! Upon completion of this course, you will be eligible for an interview with a local top real estate company.

Online On-Demand

Start at any time from the comfort of your home, learn at your own pace!

Do you want to get your real estate license, but do not have time during the day?

Start this on-demand course right away! There is no need to wait for books to be shipped! All study materials are included online and can be printed if you choose. Each chapter is a printable PDF and includes a video, case studies, true/false, vocabulary, and quiz sections to measure your comprehension.

After completing the required assignments, you will take a practice exam and receive a “Certificate of Completion.”   At any time, students are welcome to attend any of the class sessions at any location or switch to the full class.  Upon completion of this course, you will be ready and eligible to take the 140-question Wisconsin Real Estate Exam.

Review Sessions

Monthly test prep class that is open to students from ANY school!

It doesn't matter if you went to school here or somewhere else.  Stop into one of our monthly review sessions where we go over any questions you may have and prep you for your test! After the review class, you can stop and visit with one of our Career Consultants!


Career nights & Review sessions will be held on the same night.  Review sessions from 5-6pm and the career night from 6-7pm

Feb 19 - Mar 19 - Apr 16 - May 21 - Jun 18

Jul 23 - Aug 20 - Sep 17 - Oct 15 - Nov 19 - Dec 17